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Wonga Customers

Important: There will be no change to the bank details to which you should make payment. If you receive any requests to make payment to an alternative account please inform our Customer Care team straight away on 0207 138 8330.

Never give personal or account details to anyone who contacts you unexpectedly. We will never ask for your bank details.

For further advice on protecting yourself online, please visit https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/phishing


If you require advice regarding debt and loan repayments please visit https://www.wonga.com/debt-advice

Do I still need to repay my loan?

What will happen if I don’t repay my loan on time?

Can I take out a new loan or add additional funds to my existing loan?

I can’t afford to repay my loan. What should I do?

How do I repay my loan?

I am owed 5% cashback. When will I receive this?

I need to talk to someone about my loan or I have a question which is not answered here

Will I still be able to access my account during the administration?